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HỖ TRỢ KỸ THUẬT - 0903.252.672

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Máy bay kéo dây mồi truyền tải điện HYPLD-6

Máy bay kéo dây mồi truyền tải điện HYPLD-6

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Máy bay kéo dây mồi truyền tải điện HYPLD-6

Liên hệ : 0968.655.988

Product Specification

Material Carbon Fiber
Model Name/Number HYPLD-6
Color Black
Weight 3.4kg
Max Height 1000m
Axle distance 960mm
Maximum take-off weight 10.4kg
Flying speed 0.15m/min
Maximum flight distance 2-4km
Working Temperature -5-50
No-load endurance 25-30min
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Product Description

HYPLD-6 6 Spirals Wing Professional UAV Drone For Transmission Line Cable Construction

Product parameter

Model: HYPLD-6

Axle distance: 960mm

Fail-Safe: with

Maximum tension: 5kg

Maximum take-off weight: 10.4kg

Flying speed: 0.15m/min

Empty weight: 3.4kg

Maximum flight distance: 2-4km

Working Temperature: -5-50

Height: 400mm

GPS: with

No-load endurance: 25-30min

Load endurance: 12-15min

Flight mode: Manual control; ATT; GPS

Battery: 16000mAh 6S

Flight height: 0-1000m (adjustable)

Diameter of traction rope: 2-4mm

Functions: GPS positioning, full-auto return, semi-auto return, runaway protection, headless mode, heading lock, low-voltage protection alarm, battery power backhaul, national exclusive high beam function, OSD flight data real-time backhaul, etc.

1. Low requirements on topography,no limit on altitude,no problem in high altitude area;
2. High efficiency and high attendance rate, short adjustment time when taking off
3. The aircraft is light and flexible with little vibration;
4. Environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection;

5. Safer and can resist six levels of wind;
6. Easy to maintain, and low cost on use and maintenance;
7. More efficient, drag 3.5mm, 12 kgs of rope to 1000 meters.(Four-axis drag 2.0mm); 
8. Payload of 2.0 dupont rope that can fly for 25 to 30 minutes;


1.The trees in the virgin forests often encounter bushes, virgin forests, etc. during the construction of the national grid. This will definitely affect the progress of the construction. When passing through the virgin forest, the trees cannot be felled. This undoubtedly adds a lot of difficulty to the construction of the project, and with the lined drone, it is easy to fly over the trees and cast a guide rope to the ground.
2.In the traditional wire-laying operation on the Yangtze River, the tow rope can only be towed by the tugboat over the water surface. The construction water surface must be sealed first. The closure of the navigation will also cause many economic losses to the country and the construction party. The personnel stood on the ship and remotely dragged the helicopter of the guide rope so that the guide rope could fly over the Yangtze River and avoid sealing.
3.In the construction will also encounter swamps, lakes, farmland, highways, mountains, etc., when people are unable to achieve the construction of the line, the line of drones also show their talents, complete the task.

4.The situation of charging across the power usually exists in the process of circuit reconstruction. It is necessary to straddle a new line on the basis of a power-on line. In order to ensure the safety of construction workers, traditional construction can only be used first. After the line is powered off and then constructed, the overhead drone can be used to avoid power outages.

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